TWiLightMenu++: the NDS loader

This is a short guide on how to install TWiLightMenu++, the latest and greatest nds-bootstrap frontend. All glory to RocketRobz.
This tutorial assumes you have CFW, and do not have a flashcart. If you do have a flashcart, see the GBAtemp thread (second link from the bottom of this page).

Things You Need

  1. The latest release of TWiLightMenu++ from here.
  2. Install 7-Zip, the suggested archival management tool from here.

Getting It Done

  1. Turn your console off, take out your SD card and access it via your computer.
  2. In your SD card root directory, make a folder called "cias" if one does not already exist.
  3. In your SD card root directory, make a folder called "roms" if one does not already exist.
  4. Extract the TWiLightMenu++ .7z folder to a location of your choice.
  5. From that folder, put the "_nds" folder in your SD card root directory.
  6. From that folder, open "DSi&3DS - SD card users". Put the "_nds" folder and "boot.nds" into your SD card root directory. The new folder should be merged with the existing folder. If this confuses you, ask for help.
  7. From the original folder, open "3DS - CFW users" > "cia". Put the 2 cias (menu and game booter) into the "cias" folder on your SD card.
  8. Put any NDS roms you wish to use into the "roms" folder.
  9. Put your SD card back in your console.
  10. Hold SELECT, and power on your console while continuing to hold SELECT.
  11. In the Luma Configuration menu that appears, scroll to "Enable game patching".
  12. Press A to place a check in this box. If there is already a check in this box, do not remove it. Press START to save your settings and continue.
  13. Once at your home screen, open FBI.
  14. Open the "SD" menu, then open the "cias" folder.
  15. Select "<current directory>", then select "Install and delete all CIAs".
  16. Once this operation has finished, restart your console.
  17. TWiLightMenu++ should now appear on your home screen. You can add more roms to the rom folder whenever you wish.

See here for FAQ and further instruction.
See here for game compatibility information.