Seedminer: Frii CFW for All Regions

What This Is

Seedminer is a method of free CFW for any "3DS Family" system running firmware 11.10. There are various methods and sub methods.
If you require support with this process, please visit this Discord and ask for help in the 3ds assistance channels. Mention you are following eip's Seedminer guide, which step you are up to, what method you are using and what exactly you are having issues with.

Who Did It (credits from zoogie)

Prep Steps

  1. A quick test: On your console, go to System Settings, Internet Settings, DS Connection Settings.
  2. If this crashes, hangs on a black screen or pops an error screen instead of loading to the old DS menu, you will need to fix your TWL mode then try again.
  3. Please download and install 7-zip, the suggested archival management tool, available here.
  4. Please turn file extensions ON. Instructions for Windows here.

Prep Steps 2: Seedminer

Seedminer: finding your id0

  1. Turn your console off and take out the SD card.
  2. Put the SD card into your computer, navigate to it and open the "Nintendo 3DS" folder.
  3. Inside this folder, you will see one or more folders with very long, seemingly random names. Do not open any further folders.
  4. If you only have ONE long named folder, skip to step 11. If you have TWO OR MORE, follow these steps in order. The "private" folder, if it exists, does not count.
  5. Back out of your Nintendo 3DS folder to your SD root. You may see folders such as Nintendo 3DS and DCIM. This means you are in the right place.
  6. Rename your Nintendo 3DS folder to "Nintendo BACKUP" (right click and select "Rename")
  7. Safely eject your SD card, put it back in your console, and power it on.
  8. Wait for your console to generate some data.
  9. Once you see the home menu, power off your console, take out the SD card and put it in your computer.
  10. Navigate back to the "Nintendo 3DS" folder on your SD card. You should now only have one long named folder.
  11. The 32 character name of this long named folder is referred to as your 'id0'.
  12. Right click this 'id0' folder and select "Rename".
  13. The folder name should now be blue. Right click the blue text and select "Copy". DO NOT enter or replace any text. If you accidentally enter or replace any text, press Control+Z to undo this action and restore your 'id0' name.
  14. Left click away from the folder to deselect it, and paste (Control+V) your id0 somewhere (for example, a Notepad window).
  15. IF YOU NEEDED TO RENAME THE NINTENDO 3DS FOLDER: delete the "Nintendo 3DS" folder, then rename "Nintendo BACKUP" to "Nintendo 3DS". If you did NOT need to rename the "Nintendo 3DS" folder, DO NOT delete or rename anything.

Seedminer: movable.sed

  1. Go to bruteforcemovable.
  2. Input your friend code and id0 into the fields given.
  3. Complete the "I'm not a robot" CAPTCHA.
  4. The website will give you a friend code. On your console, open the Friends List (home menu, top row, orange box with smiley face). If, instead, it skips to "Done!" (step 4) and gives you the option to download your movable.sed directly, skip to step eight.
  5. Press "Register Friend", then "Internet", then enter the friend code from the website.
  6. Give it a random name. The name is not important.
  7. Back on BruteforceMovable, the website should be on step 2. When presented the option, click "Continue". If it is not on step 2, refresh the page ONCE.
  8. Wait some time. Once the process is finished, you can download your "movable.sed". Put it somewhere you'll remember.

Next Steps

Got a movable.sed now? You can proceed with more stuff!
The recommended follow-on to Seedminer is BannerBomb3. Once you've done BannerBomb3, you can do Fredminer.
If you need a different method, there is also Pichaxx + DSiWare Dumper, after which you can do Fredminer.
If, for some reason, neither of these work for you, there is also Frogminer, which is a legacy method and not currently recommended.