Custom Themes Guide

Credit to It'sPizzaTime#4530 on discord for the images and the rest of this terrible guide

What you need

Finding a theme

  1. Open Themeplaza on your computer
  2. Find a theme you like
  3. Press on it
  4. Use one of the following 2 methods to install the theme

Method 1: Adding Themes via QR code

  1. Hover over the theme's picture with your mouse, a QR code should pop up like this:

    Theme QR
  2. In Anemone, press the right bumper to open the camera
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. The theme should be added to the list

Method 2: Adding Themes Manually

  1. Press the download button on the theme's page, if you can't locate it here's a picture that should help:

    Theme Manual Download
  2. Save the zip somewhere on your pc
  3. Insert your 3ds's sd card into your pc
  4. Make a Themes folder on your sd root if it doesn't already exist
  5. Copy the downloaded zip file to the themes folder, if you're having difficulty here's an example: Theme Location

Installing the obtained themes

  1. Open Anemone on your 3ds if it isn't already open
  2. Select the theme out of the list:
    Theme List
  3. Hold A + Dpad up and then release A to install the theme
  4. Press Start to exit Anemone and return to your home menu
  5. Congratulations, you now have a custom theme

            Custom Theme


Anemone says "Theme extdata does not exist!"

Fix: Set a default theme in the home menu settings

I get a crash after installing a theme

Fix: Deleting the home menu theme data

How to delete Home Menu Theme Data

Navigate to the following folder on your SD card: /Nintendo 3DS/(32 Character ID)/(32 Character ID)/extdata/00000000/

Delete the corresponding folder for your region:

USA: 000002cd
EUR: 000002ce
JPN: 000002cc

Anemone Crashes

Fix: Try again, if it still crashes reinstall Anemone, if it still crashes delete the Themes folder on your sd