unfortunately, a lot of the information on here will be outdated. the most up to date and accurate information can be found at the wiki and the guide.
the information here will continue to be served for a) backup/redundancy and b) archival.

Custom Themes Guide

What you need

Finding a theme

  1. Open Themeplaza on your computer
  2. Find a theme you like
  3. Click on it
  4. Use one of the following 2 methods to install the theme

Method 1: Adding Themes via QR code

  1. Hover over the theme's picture with your cursor, a QR code should pop up

    Theme QR
  2. In Anemone, press the right bumper to open the camera
  3. Scan the QR code
  4. The theme should be added to the list

Method 2: Adding Themes Manually

  1. Press the download button on the theme's page

    Theme Manual Download
  2. Save the zip somewhere on your pc
  3. Insert your 3ds's sd card into your pc
  4. Make a Themes folder on your sd root if it doesn't already exist
  5. Copy the downloaded zip file to the themes folder

    Theme Location

Installing the obtained themes

  1. Open Anemone on your 3ds if it isn't already open
  2. Select the theme

    Theme List
  3. Hold A + Dpad up and then release A to install the theme
  4. Press Start to exit Anemone and return to your home menu
  5. Congratulations, you now have a custom theme

            Custom Theme


Anemone says "Theme extdata does not exist!"

I get a crash after installing a theme

  1. Navigate to the following folder on your SD card: /Nintendo 3DS/(32 Character ID)/(32 Character ID)/extdata/00000000/
  2. Delete the corresponding folder for your region:
    USA: 000002cd
    EUR: 000002ce
    JPN: 000002cc

Anemone Crashes