A guide to using FTP for the 3DS

This guide will teach you how to use FTP or file transfer protocol. The benefits of FTP being that you can move files wirelessly between your pc and 3DS. FTP is much safer than microsd management and is not all too difficult to set up. Guide written by Krieg#1473 on Discord.

Requirements: A FTP client on your 3DS, and an FTP client on your computer.

For PC I use and recommend winscp. For 3DS we are going to use FTPD. Install the .cia with FBI. If you do would prefer to scan a qr code, there is one here.

Setting up FTPD.

  1. Install FTPD on your 3ds.
  2. Open it
  3. Look at the top screen, next to FTPD V2.3.0. What is highlighted in blue is your IP address, what is highlighted in red is your port.
  4. Keep FTPD open for the next steps.

Setting up WinSCP

  1. Run the WinSCP installer and wait till it is done downloading.
  2. Once done, open WinSCP. It should automatically provide you a login window.

  3. Set file protocol from SFTP to FTP and enter your host name and port number.
  4. Make sure "Anonymous login" is checked.
  5. Your setup should now look like this.

  6. Press Login
  7. If you do not want to input your IP address and port every time, you can save the config by pressing the save button.
  8. If successful, you will be able to move files wirelessly between your 3DS and computer!